Daycare Spring Session #childrensphotography #daycarephotos

The little beauty that you will see at the end of this post has been on my site many times.  She was the first newborn that I ever photographed.  She's been in many sessions, along with her Mom and Dad.  She is now five years old and will be graduating from preschool.  She is a beautiful and charming little girl!

I always post Chloe's photos because her mother has given me permission to post them.  I keep signed "Permission to Photograph" releases on file.  I don't post anything that I don't have permission to post.  As photographers, we should always be respectful to parents wishes about images of their children on social media.  It's always a pleasure showing these images and I hope Mom, Dad and Grandparents enjoy sharing them as much as I do!

Spring Session at Little Eagle's Nest Daycare