I cannot say enough good things about this hosting company!  I have been using them for over four years now and my website has never gone down or had any glitches.  I just updated to their new platform 7.  Easy to set-up, great working interface and the best customer service representatives you will ever find!

I have three domain names.  kerrykimmel.com, kerrykimmelphotography, and middletnphotographer.  All three take you to kerrykimmel.com They led me through every step of unlinking the old site, and changing all the A-records and C-NAMES for each domain name.  This took us hours but they stayed right with this website illiterate photographer until we got it all correct.

Look up Squarespace.com and explore hosting your own site!

I had purchased my Domain names through the company Ipage before I set up my Squarespace website.  Ipage Domain and Website Hosting is also a great company!