Family Photography in the spring

This spring has been very trying for Family Sessions outdoors.  Yes, I've managed to produce beautiful images that my clients have been ecstatic over.  What has been so trying?  The wind!  This has been the windiest spring that I've seen in a long time.  What is so bad about a little wind?  Women and young ladies hair!  No Mom wants her images to have their hair flying all over their head.  She doesn't want to see her little girl with hair all across her face and in her eyes.  Who makes most of the decisions when pictures are chosen for purchase?  Mom.  Who do I want to make happy?  Mom!  

I've had to be creative with rescheduling, choosing session locations that are sheltered from the wind, and watching diligently to catch images with the hair laying in place.  Was every image perfect?  Of course not.  Were mothers understanding?  Yes very!  and I thank all of you for allowing me to be your photographer this spring!

Look at these images and see where I shot to be out of the wind...

A little windy here but blowing in the right direction