Collaboration with Local Business

Joi de Vie in Shelbyville, a full service salon, has allowed me to display my business brochure in their salon.  I will be printing a large canvas of the ladies who work there, so drop by in the coming weeks and visit with these ladies, get your hair and nails done, a massage, facial, go shopping at the Boutique, check out their portrait and pick up one of my brochures!  Tell them you saw their business in my blog post...



Modeling Headshots for Aurriana

I get a lot of calls for modeling headshots.  Why?  I've learned what most agencies want to see, I know studio lighting, I make the subject comfortable, and I'm not over the top expensive.  This young lady is an accomplished model/actress and knew her stuff.  She knew the poses and all I had to do was tweak and snap the shot.  Isn't she gorgeous? and she has the personality to match!

Her big, beautiful eyes just draw you in!



New You, New Year, Time for New Business Portraits

How long has it been since you've updated your business marketing materials?  20 years, 30?  You may laugh, but I bet if you look at some of your local businesses, they are still using photos from 20 years ago.  We would all love to look like we did back when, but we can't.  Life move on and time moves on.  It's time to update.  It's Business Portrait time.  Come in and talk to me about updating your marketing materials.  Get new portraits.  A small portrait session for headshot to use in your business takes only minutes.  You get a full copyright release to use the images in your marketing.  

Check out some of the latest images below.  These were taken inside but when the weather changes, they can also be done outdoors or taken at your place of business.

I cannot say enough good things about this hosting company!  I have been using them for over four years now and my website has never gone down or had any glitches.  I just updated to their new platform 7.  Easy to set-up, great working interface and the best customer service representatives you will ever find!

I have three domain names., kerrykimmelphotography, and middletnphotographer.  All three take you to They led me through every step of unlinking the old site, and changing all the A-records and C-NAMES for each domain name.  This took us hours but they stayed right with this website illiterate photographer until we got it all correct.

Look up and explore hosting your own site!

I had purchased my Domain names through the company Ipage before I set up my Squarespace website.  Ipage Domain and Website Hosting is also a great company!

Stomach Virus


Don't know how I got it, but I was in the bed for 3 days with a stomach virus.  I am on the mend but still weak and sore from vomiting.  Now I'm just waiting to see if Dwane and Victoria come down with it.  

All of the winter weather has caused business to be slow.  That's expected.  Who wants to get out in the cold and snow to have their portrait taken.  Things were picking up and then this bug hit and I've rescheduled two sessions.  Hate having to do that but I would never want to give this crud to anyone.  So now more cold and snow over the next few days.  Next session is Sunday and maybe it'll be a lot warmer and calmer by then.

Everyone have a safe day tomorrow!