Preparing for a Smash Session with Brayson

This little man was a charmer!  Dark hair and eyes, beautiful complexion, and a future heartbreaker.  He has three older brothers who are just as handsome.  

Dad is in the military and the family just recently moved to the Tullahoma area.  Mom contacted me about the session and told me some things that she would like.  Most of my sessions are custom and I love the ideas families come up with.  I discuss with the family the things they like, where to get ideas (such as my website or Pinterest) and I have everything laid out in advance when they get here.

One of Mom's ideas from Pinterest was dad's boots and the American Flag.  Below is the unedited image.  I went to Lowe's and bought a large flag that was big enough for a child size background.  I learned from the first time I used a flag that it needed to be big enough so that no photoshop would have to be performed, such as adding stripes or stars to fill the background.  You can have less stars/stripes showing but you shouldn't have more than 13 stripes and 50 stars lol.  The edited image was changed to black and white, which was perfect for the contrast and texture of the image.

I started making my own cakes for these sessions.  I wasn't getting consistent quality, colors and design by ordering the cake so I decided to do them myself.  I made this cake the morning before the session.  Brayson and his brothers loved it!

Check out the rest of his images from the session here.