Newborn Photography

Newborn Session with Tori and Gracelyn

This little angel was a living doll to photograph!  Look at this beautiful baby and tell her family what a beautiful baby she has...


Busy September and October

It has been a while since I've updated but life has been so busy that I just have to prioritize and then step back and take a deep breath.  I have picked up several new sports leagues in the area and these take a to of time to edit and get orders processed and delivered.  Adding in families, newborns, going to Planet Fitness, doctors visits, etc., it's just hard to accomplish everything.  

I do want to post this beautiful photo of twenty-one day old Mr. Demmon.  Isn't he gorgeous?!

Beautiful family with four young men, such a lucky mom and dad!

Love this in black and white!

Love this in black and white!


Sleeping Beauty

I love photographing these beautiful babies! This little princess was only 7 days old when she was in the studio. Her 18 month cousin was also with her to have her portraits done. Lovely family! Thank you for letting me be your photographer... 




This DreamCatcher is one of my newest props in the studio.  I made this myself and this is my first newborn to photograph using it.  I love it!  It is definitely a set that takes a lot of planning and extra hands to make sure baby is completely safe.  This is part photoshop.  The baby was never hanging in the air.  I never put a child/baby in danger for a photo.  Make sure that whoever does your photography always has your child's safety as their first priority!

Where did February go?

February came and went.  I blinked and it was gone.  March is here and I will be another year older at the end of the month.  This year will be a 1/4 gone.  Time keeps ticking on.  I guess that's better than stopping completely.  We've just been so busy...

Valentine's Mini Sessions were great!  Here are some of the images for 2016, I'm looking forward to doing them again next year.

I've been adding a lot of new Newborn props and wraps, and shopping with new vendors.  My Maternity Sessions include a complimentary Newborn Session.  Come check out what I've been adding, look at my products, view my sample images, and tell me what you would like to do in your session.   Look at this beautiful image from a Newborn Session with Kennedy...

Finding Goodies...

You never know what you're going to find on Facebook...I had someone to had me to a Facebook group, which I usually hate, but this time it was to a group called Photographer Prop Sell and Swap .  Great listing of all kinds of great knitted, crocheted, handmade items.  The teddy and hat on the little boy below was purchased through one of the vendors.

January and February

These can be slow months for photographers, especially here in this part of the country when you just don't know what kind of weather you're going to have.  Last year with our snow and ice, things were extremely slow for me.  This year, I can not say that!  It is busy, busy!  I take January and February and paint, move around/rearrange, add props, order new items, and this year is no different, but I'm having to do it while I'm so busy.  So please excuse the mess!  The more props you have, the more storage space you need.  Now I need to repaint in the storage room, add shelving and totally redo that room.  I've already redone the room I shoot in, I just need to move things stop the storage room to declutter.  

I'm adding a lot of new kids props, clothing items, newborn wraps, hats, bows, etc.  Loving all the babies and children!  Check out some of the latest babies as I continue to update with the latest sessions.  I will also be adding new Maternity/Newborn/MommyandMe Plans in the coming months.  

Babies and Banjos

This little boy has a big sis who's newborn photo was taken on a guitar.  So of course his had to be taken on a banjo!  Love the color, love the idea, and happy for mom and dad to have two beautiful portraits of their babies to hang in their home.

Music soothes the soul and babies

Maternity and Newborn

There's only one thing more special than an expectant mother: a Newborn and a Mother!

Book and hold your Maternity Session with Kerry Kimmel Photography and your Newborn Session is free!  There's lots of options to choose from but the main thing is that you're going to get beautiful images from both sessions that you'll cherish forever.  Please book your Maternity session for around the 8th month.  Newborn sessions are done within ten days after your baby's birth.  Dad and siblings are also included!

For bookings, use the About Page, Facebook, or simply call me at 931-580-4071.  

Newborn Photography

Have  you attempted to take Newborn Photos?  Of all the sessions I do, this is the hardest.  Each child is different.  They all have their own personalities.  You want to pull off all the creative shots, but you can only do what the baby will let you do.  This little one was a sweet heart!  He was the second Finch child for me to photograph.  He could be his brother's twin born 2 years apart lol!  Take a look at his photos and tell me if you agree?

Sladen 2015

Sladen 2015