paint ball

Senior Photography

I love the opportunity to photograph in a different setting or with a subject who is into something different.  I customize their  session to reflect their interests.  Ashley has been participating in paint ball since she was nine years old and wanted her session to show her love of the game.  

She flew down from Toledo, Ohio to stay with her grandparents, who developed the subdivision that I live in.  She had her gun shipped separately, with her gear, so we could use it all for her session.   They had already chosen the perfect site.  I had never noticed the rocks before but had passed by this area many times going up to the barns.  This is a composite of 8 images.  I started her on the left and had her to move over for each shot.  I didn't move, just held my camera very still and at the same level as I took each image.  She loves it!

I had a great time with her session and really enjoyed doing a special project just for her!

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Ashley Composite finalweb.jpg