Do you have a Tween? You must read...

preposition 1. contraction of between. noun 2. Also, tween, tweeny. a youngster between 10 and 12 years of age, considered too old to be a child and too young to a teen.

Moms, do you remember what it was like to be in the middle?  Whether it's the middle years of being between a child and a teen, a middle child (younger and older siblings), kind of over looked because of where you fall in the pecking order?  Do you now have a daughter who falls into this category?  Do you have photos of yourself when you were in this age group?  Probably not, most people don't.  These are not school photos.  These are portraits. Portraits to let your child shine.  

Your Tween is in a very important developmental stage of their life.  They need to know that they are special in their own way.  That their accomplishments matter.  They need to know that braces and/or glasses are a right of passage that don't make them who they are but define the character that carries them through what they think are the darkest hours of their existence.  That the rude remark from a friend at school, or the bad grade on a test, is something that will pass on to a memory. What matters is how they are taught to handle it today. That they have self-esteem and confidence in their own personal abilities, achievements, and looks.  This is who they are at this moment!

Let your Tween shine with their own special, customized, portrait session.  Bring their musical instruments, their sports equipment, let's go to the ball field or the basketball court and create something unique just for their personality.  Custom products, creative imaging, means a happy Tween!

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I would like to schedule/get more information on a Tween Portrait Session. Sessions are being held in January and February of 2016.